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Very Basic Arduino Uno Board Testing

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# 8  
Here is a similar python script which reads this Arduino test setup:

import serial
ser = serial.Serial("/dev/cu.usbserial-40", 9600)
while True:

macos$ python
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1
 - Analog0: 5.00   Analog1: 3.33   Digital2: 1   Digital3: 1

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FWIW, the WS2812b LED strip 3 connections are:

5V line to 5V on Arduino
GND line to GND on Arduino
Signal line (LED control) to configured output pin on Arduino via a 100 Ohm resistor.

That's all.

Some web pages talk of a 1000uF capacitor but I didn't need to use one. Everything just worked fine. Of course, your LED strip may be different.

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Originally Posted by hicksd8
Of course, your LED strip may be different.
Yep, my "cheap from China strip" is four wires.

Note: I may move all the LED project discussion to a different thread.

Anyway, back to this particular testing, have updated my python test script a tiny bit:

macos$ cat
import serial
import pathlib
device = "/dev/cu.usbserial-40"
file = pathlib.Path(device)
if file.exists() == False:
    print("Arduino Device "+device+" Does Not Exist")
    ser = serial.Serial(device, 9600)
    while True:
        cc = str(ser.readline())

Very Basic Arduino Uno Board Testing-img_8680jpg
# 11  
So I guess that 4-wire is 12V supply and 3 red,green, blue wires to ground for each colour.

Hmmm.......That means configuring a separate Arduino pin for each color, I guess.

Place an order for WS2812b strip. Dead easy on Arduno.
# 12  
Hi Neo...
Apologies for any typos...

Remember to quote your Arduino Programmer version as there have been a great many variations over the years. Mine is Version 0015 and is ancient along with my Arduino Diecimila Boards.
Also your device name could be different for differing versions of your particiular board.

My two Arduinos have differing device names.

Also I have a conversion board that I built on Veroboard that sits over the pins of mine to use RS232 as well as USB if you are interested.
# 13  

I don't think I need RS232, since I only will be using USB (for programming and dev), Bluetooth, 3G (SMS) and WIFI.

Just ordered two cheap WIFI shields for fun.


The Arduino IDE I am using is version 1.8.10 for macOS.

I have no idea about this board details.... it is some cheap Chinese made UNO board and when I try to pull the board info from the IDE, it says something like "native serial cannot get board info", but I'm not focused on that, as I have a lot of different boards on the way, including some more (Chinese) UNOs, some Nanos and some Pro Minis to deploy on my motorcycle when I get to that stage of fun. This board is just the first one that came; I have a lot more toys on the way for this caper.

LOL, I have 30 pending AliExpress orders, including a RobotKit, OLED modules, many sensors and shields, cases jumpers, nik-nak kits (resisters, caps, diodes,, etc) ...... I plan to connect the Robot in my home to my motorcycle via 3G SMS... all part of the future fun. Maybe do some home automation (I guess they call it IoT NB, these days).

This is really fun... haha . Especially living in Thailand with easy access to all things duty free and Chinese Smilie

PS: Here is the robot kit I plan to modify (when it arrives in a few weeks):


I could have built the robot much cheaper than the kit price, but "what the heck"... it's all fun!

LOL It was too funny looking, so I had to get it... But I'll do a different discussion thread on Mr. Robot Dude. I need to think how this guy fits into my IoT playground.

Very Basic Arduino Uno Board Testing-robotjpg
# 14  

Well, this just about concludes my first test on a "cheap" Chinese Uno board from AliExpress. To summarize lessons learned:
  • The Arduino IDE installs easily and works great on my Mac Pro 2013 running the latest version of Catalina.
  • The cheap Uno board from AliExpress seems to work fine on a simple serial test.
  • Arduino sketch (programming) is really easy and fun.
  • The serial monitor in the IDE worked fine.
  • It was easy to use Python to monitor the same serial port.
  • This is really fun.

So, I'm done with this basic Arduino Uno test and even though I had no prior experience with the Arduino, it was very simple and easy to get started.

I have over 30 open shipments on the way from China to Thailand from AliExpress with many different sensors, kits, displays, shields and modules to test and play with.

Next, I will learn the basics of the (very cheap) 1602A display with the four-pin I2C bus attached to the Arduino Uno, just because I happen to have one in front of me.

Of course, any of my code samples I post will have device addresses unique to my devices. YMMV as I am not writing, modifying or building sketches to be cross-platform compliant (that is not my goal). My goal is to have fun connecting my cars, motorcycles, phones, devices and computers, I guess some would call this IoT, but whatever we call it, it is really fun to be able to get very cheap components from China sent to me with no (or very small) shipping costs from fairly close by (China borders Thailand), duty free with AliExpress. I don't use Banggood (I recently requested Banggood to delete my account); as I do not like their business model and prefer AliExpress because I can chat directly with each seller and ask them questions, especially since I am in the same timezone (for the most part) for normal business hours in China.

My final editorial comment..... I really like AliExpress, and my account shows close to 200 orders to date with AliExpress vendors over the years. The sellers there have always provided good customer service for the most part, far superior to other online sites like this. Banggood, on the other hand, does not permit us to talk directly to sellers, and when we have a problem they approach customer service like a kind of legal inquisition, and so their customer service is, at least to me, horrible. I'm lucky, as a fun-loving electronics hobbyist, to be so close to China, for sure; and it feels good to be getting back into this hobby after so many years focused solely on software.

Arduino ! Better late than never, as they say!
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