Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Calculator and Python

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Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Calculator and Python

Well, I think I must have this for Christmas!

Python on the Casio FX-CG50 with Data Acquisition

YT: CASIO fx-CG50 E-CON4 Movie

YT: Update Your CG50 Operating System. Now Includes Python! (OS update)

This is a great deal on Amazon!

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Hey, that looks wicked!
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Yeah.. I have a cheap (like $15 buck or something) Casio FX-115ES PLUS on my desk which I use for quick Decimal to Hex and Binary Base N conversions.

This one. It's actually really great for the money, but I mostly work in very dim light (except for my big monitor), so I can barely read it at night:

But the problem is that the display is not backlit, so most of the time I cannot read it after 5PM! LOL ... but I did order a USB light from China a few days ago... but this Casio is 'da bomb... me thinks.

.... guess I will wait to see if the price drops a bit more by the weekend and then buy it and ship it here. It's twice as expensive here in TH even with Amazon shipping included!

I like the fact we can write Python on the computer and transfer to the Casio via USB and do data AQ as well; even though it is only MicroPython with limited capability, but still !!
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Did a quick search of the net and found that actually getting my hands on a reasonably priced data acquisition unit for the Casio FX-CG50 is not so easy.


The Casio EA-200 is not available on Amazon - Casio EA200 Casio Multi-Data Collector. or elsewhere (at a discount).

The CLAB DA system is also not available on Amazon or any other discounter, so far.

So, my calculator DA excitement goes down a few levels.....
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Hi Neo...
The one in post #3 is way, way cool...
I did notice with all its capability though that it has not got Double Factorial capability, not that it really matters though.
Nevertheless an incredible tool...


I coded this many years ago for the AMIGA A1200 Python 1.4.0, including its dedicated GUI, the AMIGA does not have TKinter capability...
(Don't know where the image is, see my later post.)

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Originally Posted by wisecracker
Hi Neo...
The one in post #3 is way, way cool...
I did notice with all its capability though that it has not got Double Factorial capability, not that it really matters though.
Nevertheless an incredible tool...

That is the one I currently have on my desk..... the $15 one.

The problem is that the display is not backlit, and I need a fully backlit display when working at night.

So, I just bought the FX-CG50 on sale for night time, when I work in low light.
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Hi Neo...
Much like my pocket Oscilloscope. That is not backlit either, and has a blue trace that is difficult to see...
That Data Logger idea and Python reminded me of this I tried to upload the image on my previous post, I wrote the GUI too as TKinter does not exist for any Python version for the classic AMIGA...
Hmm, an idea for a 'dash' project, don't laugh...
Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Calculator and Python-data_loggerpng
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