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Video Tutorial of Linux System Programming with C

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Top Forums Programming Video Tutorial of Linux System Programming with C
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Video Tutorial of Linux System Programming with C

Video tutorial of Linux System Programming with C.

YouTube - Linux System Programming with C by Indronil Banerjee
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I have learned a lot from YT tutorials over the years.

Perhaps someday we will create a page / collection of some of the best UNIX / Linux video tutorials on YouTube.

The problem for me is that don't really watch UNIX / Linux YT videos since I am long past that beginner stage where video tutorials are helpful.

But, when I am just learning a new technology, YT tutorials are my "go to" place for getting started. Recently I purchased a Canon M50 camera and YT was really helpful in the decision making process. Ditto for looking for lenses for the M50, etc.

If anyone finds any YT videos or tutorials they find really helpful, please feel free to post but please add value by adding your comments, a review, etc and do not simply post a naked link without adding value. If you post a YT video, please tag the post "YT" and "YouTube" so we can easily create a collection someday, if we decide to do that.


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