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How to arhive hive external tables?

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How to arhive hive external tables?

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to check hive external tables which are created 90 days before and drop those tables along with underlying hdfs data. Can this be achieved in unix script?
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You might consider looking at the Hive LanguageManual


There you will see, for example, the Beeline - Command Line Shell.


You should be able to use this type of Hive CLI in shell scripts to work with Hive, as needed.
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Or, you might consider other Hive CLIs, like

HCatalog CLI

Read the Hives CLI docs and experiment until you find a CLI that suits your needs.
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I am using Hive CLI but how can i able to check 90 days created

desc formatted my_table;

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You basically have to write a Hive SQL query to get the information you are seeking.

That's part of the Hive documentation.
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How you can get using sql, I need to check the hive tables which are created 90 days before and drop those tables
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Execute the CLI command

desc formatted <database>.<table_name>

on the hive cli.

It will show detailed table information with the creation time.

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