How to arhive hive external tables?

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Top Forums Programming How to arhive hive external tables?
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Yes i did that but i am struck to get the created date and location, so that i can able to use 90 days logic. Can you advise how this can be done using scripting
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Just take the hive cli command you want and execute in silent mode similar to this example below but use your own cli commands and logic:

 $hive -S -e 'select col from tab1' > a.txt

Experiment and learn.
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I tried something like this but not able to calculate the days out of this

hive -e 'desc formatted db.table_name' | grep CreateTime

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Why did you not post the command and the output?

We cannot help you if you plan to operate here in secret and not posting your code and the output fully.

Sorry to tell you. We cannot help you if you are not going to post key the input/output information required since most the users here are not using Hive.
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