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Search the symbol table of a child process

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If you need a direct read from a symbol table, use shared memory. The reader is the parent. The child has to do some minimal work. No worK? The Corona's approach is all there is left. If your UNIX supports the /proc filesystem then you can get information from there because it exposes process kernel memory - depending on what you want, which you did not specify.

proc(5) - Linux manual page

Even better - consider the ptrace system call: ptrace(2) - Linux manual page
You can directly read child process memory.

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Well, I was hoping, I could cook up something simple. Apparently UNIX is a bigger monster, than I expected. I wish everything was as simple as AmigaOS. But that's off topic.

Anyway, I guess the thread is closed...?
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We don't even know your goal, architecture, or programming language here. Your question hasn't come across very far. Ask vague questions, get vague answers.

What is your goal? Don't say "to look up a symbol table". Why are you looking up symbols? That sounds like something the debugger would do in any OS, the OS not being one giant do-everything program. You might be asking how to use the GNU debugger. Maybe. Explain further and we'll maybe figure out what you need.
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Well, essentially I wanted to expand my debugger for AmigaOS to work on other platforms. I could do just a libgdb wrapper, but I thought it would be more interesting to do it manually and figure out, how these things work on other OS'es. Which means mainly linux at the time.

Obviously I got stuck just trying to find the address of a simple symbol. I came across this: GitHub - TartanLlama/minidbg: A mini x86 linux debugger for teaching purposes But he has the same problem: There is no symbol relocation done, so he doesn't know the actual placement of the symbols in the executable.

I am going to look into if shared memory of the /proc handler can help me. If not, I am probably going to do some libgdb wrapper for my app and focus on getting that to work and other platforms.
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You can access raw memory contents that way, but /proc/ won't tell you a thing about the symbols in it, just what address space the process owns.

Shared libraries and symbol lookup have changed a lot in Linux due to 64-bit growing pains and modern security concerns; Linux mutates very fast. They've gone through several models. Best to use GDB.
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Ok. Maybe I'll dig in just a bit to see, how much I can learn. I very much doubt, that my project would have any large impact anyway, so if I can just use it for leverage to some kind of understanding, then that is probably good. Thanks for the pointers, I am still scratching the surface, but it is very interesting indeed.

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