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Array initialization inside class in C++

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Old 02-02-2018
Array initialization inside class in C++

const int VALUES[] = {7,4,2,1,0}; //or int VALUES[] = {7,4,2,1,0};

this statement inside a class definition gives error. Why?
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Old 02-02-2018
Because they don't belong there. Also, you must make it static to define a constant value in a class at compile time. Then the compiler will allow you to define its values outside the class.

// This bit goes in header file
class asdf {
        static const int VALUES[];

// This bit should not go in a header file, because it should occur once and only once
const int asdf::VALUES[]={7,4,2,1,0};

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Old 02-02-2018
// but this compiles and works fine
class asdf {
        const int VALUES[5] = {7,4,2,1,0};

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Old 02-02-2018
It's a warning in my compiler, and I'm not sure it actually does what you're expecting.
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