Ping test sends mail when ping fails

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Question Ping test sends mail when ping fails

help with bash script!

im am working on this script to make sure my server will stay online, so i made this script..


  for myhost in "$@"
  ping -c "$COUNT" "$myhost" &&return 1
return 0
if pingtest $HOSTS

#100% failed
echo "server failed at $(date)" | mail -s "server is down" mymail..
echo "host ($HOSTS) is down (ping failed) at $(date)"
echo "everyting is fine"

but its sending me a mail even when there is connection to the server, and i only want it when the ping fails..
i have made the script run every 5 min. with crontab -e 5 * * * * filelocation

can someone please help me with this?
sorry if this is the wrong place to ask..

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The return code of your function is the wrong way: 0 indicates success; 1 (better: anything but 0) indicates error.
And, there's a then missing for the if construct.
And, there might be a logic error: the for loop would work on a list of hosts and return success if any of them would ping.
# 3  
if pingtest $HOSTS

pingtest $HOSTS
if [ $? -eq 1 ] ; then

You also are missing the "then" keyword.
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thanks, but ist still not working, it keeps sending mail, even when the ping is working
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Post the xtrace log (option -x) of your script running.
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