ECDSA verification

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ECDSA verification

Using ECDSA, how do you verify integrity of Data (D), Given the value for the following:
Random number (r)
Signature (s)
ECpublic Key (K)

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PKI --GEN(1)							    strongSwan							      PKI --GEN(1)

pki --gen - Generate a new RSA or ECDSA private key SYNOPSIS
pki --gen [--type type] [--size bits] [--safe-primes] [--shares n] [--threshold l] [--outform encoding] [--debug level] pki --gen --options file pki --gen -h | --help DESCRIPTION
This sub-command of pki(1) is used to generate a new RSA or ECDSA private key. OPTIONS
-h, --help Print usage information with a summary of the available options. -v, --debug level Set debug level, default: 1. -+, --options file Read command line options from file. -t, --type type Type of key to generate. Either rsa or ecdsa, defaults to rsa. -s, --size bits Key length in bits. Defaults to 2048 for rsa and 384 for ecdsa. For ecdsa only three values are currently supported: 256, 384 and 521. -p, --safe-primes Generate RSA safe primes. -f, --outform encoding Encoding of the generated private key. Either der (ASN.1 DER) or pem (Base64 PEM), defaults to der. RSA Threshold Cryptography -n, --shares <n> Number of private RSA key shares. -l, --threshold <l> Minimum number of participating RSA key shares. PROBLEMS ON HOSTS WITH LOW ENTROPY
If the gmp plugin is used to generate RSA private keys the key material is read from /dev/random (via the random plugin). Therefore, the command may block if the system's entropy pool is empty. To avoid this, either use a hardware random number generator to feed /dev/random or use OpenSSL (via the openssl plugin or the command line) which is not as strict in regards to the quality of the key material (it reads from /dev/urandom if necessary). It is also possible to configure the devices used by the random plugin in strongswan.conf(5). Setting libstrongswan.plugins.random.random to /dev/urandom forces the plugin to treat bytes read from /dev/urandom as high grade random data, thus avoiding the blocking. Of course, this doesn't change the fact that the key material generated this way is of lower quality. EXAMPLES
pki --gen --size 3072 > rsa_key.der Generates a 3072-bit RSA private key. pki --gen --type ecdsa --size 256 > ecdsa_key.der Generates a 256-bit ECDSA private key. SEE ALSO
pki(1) 5.1.1 2013-07-31 PKI --GEN(1)

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