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Inexplicable buffer crash

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Old 02-03-2016
Inexplicable buffer crash

I am building a wrapper around fgets, and fighting crashes for no reason I can explain.

I have stripped it down as far as I can and it still crashes.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

typedef struct {
        char buf[4096];
        FILE *fp;
        int type;
} wrap;

wrap *wrap_open(const char *file) {
        wrap *wrap=malloc(sizeof(wrap));
        wrap->fp=fopen(file, "r");
        ungetc(wrap->type, wrap->fp);

int wrap_close(wrap *d) {
        if(d == NULL) return(-1);
        if(d->fp)       fclose(d->fp);

int wrap_read(wrap *d) {
        if(fgets(d->buf, 100, d->fp) == NULL)


int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
        int n;
        wrap *d;

        if(argc < 2) return(1);

        if(d == NULL) return(2);

        for(n=0; n<10; n++)
                if(!wrap_read(d)) break;


The first inexplicable thing happens during fgets(), which fails for no good reason. perror prints "EOF: Success". The loop quits early due to this mysterious failure, and when wrap_free() is called, the program dies with "*** Error in `./a.out': munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000000c8f030 ***", where c8f030 was a valid pointer to wrap.

This does not happen at all when buf[] doesn't reside inside the structure. Everything is happy in that case. Clearly an overflow is happening, but I have no idea why or where.

I am not overflowing the bounds of the array. I checked that, and 100 bytes can't be overflowing 4K anyway.

I am definitely allocating enough memory. sizeof(wrap) is larger than 4096 bytes.

The values of wrap and wrap->fp are not being corrupted.

No mysterious properties of ungetc are crashing it. It still dies without it.

What obvious thing have I missed?
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Old 02-03-2016

Splint raised 14 warnings in the code, but I did not look at any in detail ... cheers, drl
# 3  
Old 02-03-2016
Which 14 warnings?

I left out a ton of error checking for brevity, none of which changes the flow of the program. Crashes the exact same either way.
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Old 02-03-2016

Splint 3.1.2 --- 20 Feb 2009

one.c: (in function wrap_open)
one.c:12:13: Arrow access from possibly null pointer wrap: wrap->fp
  A possibly null pointer is dereferenced.  Value is either the result of a
  function which may return null (in which case, code should check it is not
  null), or a global, parameter or structure field declared with the null
  qualifier. (Use -nullderef to inhibit warning)
   one.c:11:20: Storage wrap may become null
one.c:12:9: Dependent storage assigned to implicitly only:
               wrap->fp = fopen(file, "r")
  Dependent storage is transferred to a non-dependent reference. (Use
  -dependenttrans to inhibit warning)
one.c:13:26: Possibly null storage wrap->fp passed as non-null param:
                fgetc (wrap->fp)
  A possibly null pointer is passed as a parameter corresponding to a formal
  parameter with no /*@null@*/ annotation.  If NULL may be used for this
  parameter, add a /*@null@*/ annotation to the function parameter declaration.
  (Use -nullpass to inhibit warning)
   one.c:12:18: Storage wrap->fp may become null
one.c:14:9: Return value (type int) ignored: ungetc(wrap->typ...
  Result returned by function call is not used. If this is intended, can cast
  result to (void) to eliminate message. (Use -retvalint to inhibit warning)
one.c:15:15: Returned storage *wrap contains 1 undefined field: buf
  Storage derivable from a parameter, return value or global is not defined.
  Use /*@out@*/ to denote passed or returned storage which need not be defined.
  (Use -compdef to inhibit warning)
one.c: (in function wrap_close)
one.c:20:25: Return value (type int) ignored: fclose(d->fp)
one.c:21:14: Only storage d->fp (type FILE *) derived from released storage is
                not released (memory leak): d
  A storage leak due to incomplete deallocation of a structure or deep pointer
  is suspected. Unshared storage that is reachable from a reference that is
  being deallocated has not yet been deallocated. Splint assumes when an object
  is passed as an out only void pointer that the outer object will be
  deallocated, but the inner objects will not. (Use -compdestroy to inhibit
one.c:21:14: Implicitly temp storage d passed as only param: free (d)
  Temp storage (associated with a formal parameter) is transferred to a
  non-temporary reference. The storage may be released or new aliases created.
  (Use -temptrans to inhibit warning)
one.c: (in function main)
one.c:45:21: Operand of ! is non-boolean (int): !wrap_read(d)
  The operand of a boolean operator is not a boolean. Use +ptrnegate to allow !
  to be used on pointers. (Use -boolops to inhibit warning)
one.c:47:20: Return value (type int) ignored: wrap_close(d)
one.c:48:19: Fresh storage d not released before return
  A memory leak has been detected. Storage allocated locally is not released
  before the last reference to it is lost. (Use -mustfreefresh to inhibit
   one.c:41:9: Fresh storage d created
one.c:10:7: Function exported but not used outside one: wrap_open
  A declaration is exported, but not used outside this module. Declaration can
  use static qualifier. (Use -exportlocal to inhibit warning)
   one.c:16:1: Definition of wrap_open
one.c:18:5: Function exported but not used outside one: wrap_close
   one.c:23:1: Definition of wrap_close
one.c:25:5: Function exported but not used outside one: wrap_read
   one.c:33:1: Definition of wrap_read

Finished checking --- 14 code warnings

Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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Old 02-03-2016
Nothing useful. All its complaining about is the error checking (both the stuff I left in, and the stuff I didn't).
# 6  
Old 02-04-2016
What's your OS, compiler, and compile/link command?
# 7  
Old 02-04-2016
OS is Linux, compile command is gcc. It crashes three different versions in three machines and two architectures.

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