[LUA] WindowManager: Awesome - Checking OS and assign different icon

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Old 08-12-2015
[LUA] WindowManager: Awesome - Checking OS and assign different icon


I'm having a bad time to fix this.
Code is just related samples, paths are edited, take: ~/.config/awesome as 'base/config' (dot) dir.

Recently i actualy started to have 2 different kinds of gnu/linux installed, with this, the abition raised, to get a distro specific icon displayed in the shared WM configuration because of the shared /home partition.

After some tweakings i've managed to get the WM reloaded without issues, but still, no icon is displayed, in neither of the OS'.

-- Functions
	-- Its just a workaround for an 'unstable' 'hwmon/hwmon[12]' definition of Fedora21 - Rawhide
	-- Function (only) from: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4990990/lua-check-if-a-file-exists
	function file_exists(name)
		local f=io.open(name,"r")
		if f~=nil then io.close(f) return true else return false end

-- Themes define colours, icons, and wallpapers
	beautiful.init(awful.util.getdir("config") .. "/themes/sea/theme.lua")

	os_icon = wibox.widget.imagebox()
	if file_exists("/etc/favicon.png")
	then	-- Its either fedora or provides same functionality
		naughty.notify({ preset = naughty.config.presets.critical, title = "Its fedora", text = err })
	else	-- Probably Arch
		os_icon:set_image( beautiful.icon_arch )
		naughty.notify({ preset = naughty.config.presets.critical, title = "Its arch", text = err })

-- Show the menu entry with icon
	mylauncher = awful.widget.launcher({ image = beautiful.os_icon,
		                             menu = mymainmenu })

And within the ./themes/sea/theme.lua there is:
theme.icon_fedora 	= "/etc/favicon.png"
theme.icon_arch 	= themes .. "/sea/arch_icon_16.png"

I do get a msgbox saying "Its arch", but i dont get an icon.

Any ideas or hints please?
Thank you

Note that 'beautiful' is the class providing the items of the active theme.

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Old 08-15-2015
Gee... copy paste has hidden the error..

There was an unrequired tailing ) at the theme definition in the source which caused the icon to be not displayed (and other things, i didnt count to this).

So for obvious reasons, you could not find an issue, for which i want to appologize and thank you for the read.
On the other hand, if you'd like to apply this to your AwesomeWM & Vicious widget theme, go ahead, its working. Smilie

Thank you
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