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GCC Alignment pragma

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Old 07-31-2015
GCC Alignment pragma

Quick question for the community of GCC programmers.

I have code that uses:

#pragma align 4

(as an example).

Now this code has compiled for many years on a few different platforms and GCC versions.

Recently I got warning messages about it (using gcc 4.9.2 on Solaris) and I wondered why. Upon further investigation it turns out the GCC documented method is:

#pragma pack(4)

My question is, when did that change? I have no problem using pack(#) instead but I am wondering why I have never seen this warning until now if all the document cation going back to 4.2 3 refers to the pack() pragma.

Does anyone know the story here?

Is align just something the compiler accepted for backward compatibility?

Are there old GCC compilers that don't support the pragma pack()?

Just wondering.


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