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Old 01-30-2006

Can i define a macro for a function of 10 LOC.
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Old 01-30-2006
yes you can,

but i dont think there could be any such necessity for the same,

in case of function definition it is going to be one time and why do u need to have a macro for that,

macros are meant for substitution where u need to have many.

# include <stdio.h>

void fun();

# define ab void fun() { printf("fun\n"); }

int main()
   (void) fun();
   return 0;


hope this helps, or could u please post your code ?
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Old 01-30-2006

thanks matrixmadan.

actually we want to overcome the time that is lost , a function
takes while visiting the stack twice.
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Old 01-30-2006
i am afraid I didnt get your point exactly,

did u mean, popping and pushing function address and re-iterating program counter in stack trace ?

if that is so, then having a macro will not have any effect on the above,
as macro substitution would take place at the pre-compilation stage itself,

then goes compilation, linking, executing.
No way the time counters represented above would have an effect

If I had understood wrongly, please get me the correct point.

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Old 01-31-2006

instead of calling a function we want a macro to do the job.
i.e can we have a function in the form of a macro.

#define fun(args....)
/*code for macro */
/*about 10 loc */
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Old 01-31-2006
then in such case,

make use of inline functions they get expanded in pre-compilation itself
similiar to macros.

But make sure that the function quoted as inline should not be a heavy-loaded which would drastically bring down the performance of the program.
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Old 01-31-2006

i am afraid ,how will u use inline in C.
i think inline is available only in C++

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