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struct tm problem

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Old 01-20-2006
struct tm problem

I receive an integer as argument for a function.
within function definition i want it to be of type struct tm.

int a;
int a;
struct tm tm;
^ time(&a);
^ memcpy(&tm,localtime(&LogTime),sizeof(struct tm));


gives me error at the line ^ why ?
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Old 01-20-2006
What error do you face? Are the errors compile time or runtime?
# 3  
Old 01-20-2006
compile time warning

warning: argument #1 is incompatible with prototype:
prototype: pointer to long : "/usr/include/iso/time_iso.h",
argument : pointer to int
"log2.c", : warning: argument #1 is incompatible with prototype:
prototype: pointer to const long : "/usr/include/iso/time_iso.h",
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Old 01-20-2006
Replacing the int with long might do the trick. Or you could try typecasting...
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Old 01-20-2006
typecasting can not be done for scalar values----it says

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