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Changing double to character string in C++

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Old 02-06-2014
Changing double to character string in C++

I want to convert an double to a character string. I done the integer and float ones using itoa and ftoa. How can I do a similar thing with doubles?

 const float  f
 ) {

  char *cdata = ftoa (f);
  strcpy (STR, cdata.c_str ());


 const double  d
 ) {


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Old 02-06-2014
snprintf can work for many different types:

char buf[512];

// float casts to double when passed here, so %f works for double and float
snprintf(buf, 512, "%f", floattype);  
snprintf(buf, 512, "%f", doubletype);

// These are the same in 32-bit systems and different in 64-bit.
snprintf(buf, 512, "%d", inttype);
snprintf(buf, 512, "%ld", longtype);

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