Flushing expect_out(buffer)

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Old 12-11-2013
Flushing expect_out(buffer)

Can some one tell me how to flush expect_out(buffer)?

below is my code
expect -re {.*} {}
expect "swpackages>*"
send  -i $con "trial.bat \r"
set outcome $expect_out(buffer)
expect "*continue*"
set prevreport $expect_out(buffer)
send "\r \r";

problem is :- I am getting "pre" stuffs in my buffer followed by the data I want Smilie
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FBB::mlm(3bobcat)					      OFoldStream manipulator						 FBB::mlm(3bobcat)

FBB::mlm - Manipulator modifying left margins of OFoldStream objects SYNOPSIS
#include <bobcat/ofoldstream> or #include <bobcat/ofoldstreambuf> Linking option: -lbobcat DESCRIPTION
The mlm class implements a manipulator that can be inserted into OFoldStream objects to modify the stream's left margin by a requested amount. The request cannot result in a negative left margin value. If a negative left margin would be the arithmetic result of the request then left margin 0 will silently be used. Depending on the tab-setting of the OFoldStream the inserted value represents the number of blank space characters or the number of tab-characters that will be added to the left margin. The request will be processed at the next newline character or std::flush or std::endl manipulator that is inserted into the stream. If a line is still empty once an mlm object and a flush manipulator are inserted into the stream then the new left margin will be effective at the next word inserted into that line (cf., the example section below) A bad_cast exception is thrown when the manipulator is inserted into an ostream that is not using a OFoldStreambuf buffer. NAMESPACE
FBB All constructors, members, operators and manipulators, mentioned in this man-page, are defined in the namespace FBB. INHERITS FROM
o mlm(int addValue): The standard copy constructor is available. MEMBER FUNCTIONS
There are no public or protected member functions in this class. EXAMPLE
#include <iostream> #include <bobcat/ofoldstream> using namespace std; using namespace FBB; int main() { OFoldStream out(cout, 0, 80); out << "hello world (left margin is 0)" << mlm(4) << " " "this uses a 4 character wide left margin " << mlm(-10) << flush << "left margin -6 changed to 0, active on this line "; return 0; } FILES
bobcat/mlm - defines the class interface SEE ALSO
bobcat(7), manipulators(3bobcat), lm(3bobcat), ofoldstream(3bobcat) BUGS
o bobcat_3.01.00-x.dsc: detached signature; o bobcat_3.01.00-x.tar.gz: source archive; o bobcat_3.01.00-x_i386.changes: change log; o libbobcat1_3.01.00-x_*.deb: debian package holding the libraries; o libbobcat1-dev_3.01.00-x_*.deb: debian package holding the libraries, headers and manual pages; o http://sourceforge.net/projects/bobcat: public archive location; BOBCAT
Bobcat is an acronym of `Brokken's Own Base Classes And Templates'. COPYRIGHT
This is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). AUTHOR
Frank B. Brokken (f.b.brokken@rug.nl). libbobcat1-dev_3.01.00-x.tar.gz 2005-2012 FBB::mlm(3bobcat)