Using tops command to update NSLog statements in objective-c code

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Old 10-28-2013
Using tops command to update NSLog statements in objective-c code

In my objective-c code base I have several NSLog statements.


NSLog(@"Here is the message without arguments");
NSLog(@"Here is the message with arguments: %s, %s","argument1","argument2");

Now I want to do two things:

First to do: updating NSLog statements with NSLocalizedString(<#key#>, <#comment#>)


NSLog(NSLocalizedString(@"Here is the message without arguments", @""));
NSLog(NSLocalizedString(@"Here is the message with arguments: %s, %s", @""), "argument1", "argument2");

Second to do: obtaining format strings from NSLog statements and adding it to localizable.strings file


"Here is the message without arguments" = "Here is the message without arguments";
"Here is the message with arguments: %s, %s" = "Here is the message with arguments: %s, %s";

Is there any way to do so through `tops` command, please suggest.
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