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About template constraints

Hi, i have class template,

1)can i override the copy constructor

2)can we have virtual function in class template

if not plz tel why? I tried , compile error comes for me...

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std::slice_array< _Tp >(3)				     Library Functions Manual					std::slice_array< _Tp >(3)

std::slice_array< _Tp > - SYNOPSIS
Public Types typedef _Tp value_type Public Member Functions slice_array (const slice_array &) void operator%= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator%= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const void operator&= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator&= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const void operator*= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator*= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const void operator+= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator+= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const void operator-= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator-= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const void operator/= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator/= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const void operator<<= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator<<= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const slice_array & operator= (const slice_array &) void operator= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const void operator= (const _Tp &) const template<class _Dom > void operator= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const void operator>>= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator>>= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const void operator^= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator^= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const void operator|= (const valarray< _Tp > &) const template<class _Dom > void operator|= (const _Expr< _Dom, _Tp > &) const Friends class valarray< _Tp > Detailed Description template<class _Tp>class std::slice_array< _Tp > Reference to one-dimensional subset of an array. A slice_array is a reference to the actual elements of an array specified by a slice. The way to get a slice_array is to call operator[](slice) on a valarray. The returned slice_array then permits carrying operations out on the referenced subset of elements in the original valarray. For example, operator+=(valarray) will add values to the subset of elements in the underlying valarray this slice_array refers to. Parameters: Tp Element type. Definition at line 80 of file valarray. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Jun 10 2014 std::slice_array< _Tp >(3)

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