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Old 07-12-2013
Ubuntu Calling another expect script inside an expect script

I have an expect script called remote that I want to call from inside my expect script called sudoers.push, here is the code that is causing me issues:
set REMOTE "/root/scripts/remote"
log_user 1
send_user "Executing remote script as $user...\n"
send_user "Command to execute is: $REMOTE $user sudoers $hostfile\n"
exec /root/scripts/remote $user sudoers $hostfile
expect {
"Password for *" {
send -- "$password\r"

The remote expect script contains:
exp_internal -f /tmp/expect.log 0

so I can log what is going on.

So I run the sudoers.push script with the usage:
 ./sudoers.push <username> <host_list>
# ./sudoers.push bretski test-hosts
Password for bretski?
Moving sudoers to host XXXXX-0014...
Executing remote script as bretski...
Command to execute is: /root/scripts/remote bretski sudoers test-hosts
<hangs right here>

My log file has the output that I should see on my screen from executing the remote script
# cat /tmp/expect.log
Password for bretski?
expect: does "" (spawn_id 0) match regular expression "(.*)\n"? no

My question is why, when I call the "remote" expect script from within my sudoers.push expect script, does the output from remote not output to the terminal like it would if I ran it normally from the command line?

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Old 07-18-2013
Since expect in a script is just an executable, so expect inside expect is not a big deal, especially remotely. Did you use 'ssh -tt' to create fake terminals for the remote expect to write to?
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