Problem in registering new netfilter target module

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Problem in registering new netfilter target module

Friends I'm facing a big problem trying to extend the netfilter. Somone please help me with your quick reply (any hint) as I've to meet a deadline.

My problem is that I've written a new netfilter target module and its corresponding userspace program for iptables to change the packet type of a packet. I compiled the iptables and kernel without any error and installed this new kernel (with newly compiled parameters) in my boot partition.

Next when I booted into this kernel and tried using this target it gives error "invalid argument" which I think is coming because the target module is not geting loaded (as on failure it returns EINVAL).

Now can anyone tell me what may b the problem.
I think I can summarise my problem as what can b pozbl. reasons for which any kernel module not get registered.
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IEEE80211_RATE_(9) Device registration ENUM IEEE80211_RATE_(9) NAME
enum_ieee80211_rate_flags - rate flags SYNOPSIS
IEEE80211_RATE_SHORT_PREAMBLE Hardware can send with short preamble on this bitrate; only relevant in 2.4GHz band and with CCK rates. IEEE80211_RATE_MANDATORY_A This bitrate is a mandatory rate when used with 802.11a (on the 5 GHz band); filled by the core code when registering the wiphy. IEEE80211_RATE_MANDATORY_B This bitrate is a mandatory rate when used with 802.11b (on the 2.4 GHz band); filled by the core code when registering the wiphy. IEEE80211_RATE_MANDATORY_G This bitrate is a mandatory rate when used with 802.11g (on the 2.4 GHz band); filled by the core code when registering the wiphy. IEEE80211_RATE_ERP_G This is an ERP rate in 802.11g mode. DESCRIPTION
Hardware/specification flags for rates. These are structured in a way that allows using the same bitrate structure for different bands/PHY modes. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 ENUM IEEE80211_RATE_(9)

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