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Sql select replace

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Old 05-07-2013
Sql select replace

Hi All,

I had a query related to sql select replace command.
i have a table named clusters and it looks like this

name characteristics
sample 1.1 parent
sample 1.2 clone
sample 1.3 clone
sample 1.4 parent
sample 1.5 parent
sample 1.6 clone
sample 2.1 parent

I want all my entries named "sample" to" data" I need like bulk entries changed.

The table should look like this


name characteristics
data 1.1 parent
data 1.2 clone
data 1.3 clone
data 1.4 parent
data 1.5 parent
data 1.6 clone
data 2.1 parent

Is it possible using a select replace and update statement?
Please do help

I did use this

SELECT REPLACE ('clusters','sample','data');

but it didnt work

I also thought it might because of spacing between sample and number
I used this

SELECT REPLACE ('cluster','sample*','data*');
but that didnt work too.

Please advise
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Old 05-07-2013
You are doing it wrong!

To update string: sample to data, use below SQL:
update clusters set name = replace(name, 'sample', 'data');

Before committing select & verify the output:
select name, characteristics from clusters;

Note: Also the wildcards used in SQL are % and _ not * and ?
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Old 05-07-2013
thanks a ton!!Smilie

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