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Old 10-14-2005
Memory fault(coredump)

Dear All,

I made a program which do some simple jobs like reading data from other process's shared memory and writing messages to the queues of other process.

what happens is my program works fine and do all the task as expected but then then program ends it give Memory fault(coredump). I cannot figure out why.

Looking forward for you replies.

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shmop(2)							System Calls Manual							  shmop(2)

       shmop, shmat, shmdt - shared memory operations

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <sys/ipc.h>
       #include <sys/shm.h>

       char *shmat (shmid, shmaddr, shmflg)
       int shmid;
       char *shmaddr;
       int shmflg;

       int shmdt (shmaddr)
       char *shmaddr;

       The  system  call attaches the shared memory segment associated with the shared memory identifier specified by shmid to the data segment of
       the calling process.  The segment is attached at the address specified by one of the following criteria:

       If shmaddr is equal to zero, the segment is attached at the first available address as selected by the system.

       If shmaddr is not equal to zero and (shmflg & SHM_RND ) is true, the segment is attached at the address given by (shmaddr- (shmaddr modulus
       SHMLBA )).

       If shmaddr is not equal to zero and (shmflg & SHM_RND ) is false, the segment is attached at the address given by shmaddr.

       The segment is attached for reading if (shmflg & SHM_RDONLY ) is true. Otherwise, it is attached for reading and writing.

       The system call detaches from the calling process's data segment the shared memory segment located at the address specified by shmaddr.

Return Values
       Upon successful completion, the return values are as follows:

       o   The system call returns the data segment start address of the attached shared memory segment.

       o   The system call returns a value of zero (0).

       Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned, and errno is set to indicate the error.

       The system call fails and not attach the shared memory segment, if any of the following is true:

       [EINVAL]       The shmid is not a valid shared memory identifier.

       [EACCES]       Operation permission is denied to the calling process.  For further information, see

       [ENOMEM]       The available data space is not large enough to accommodate the shared memory segment.

       [EINVAL]       The shmaddr is not equal to zero, and the value of (shmaddr- (shmaddr modulus SHMLBA )) is an illegal address.

       [EINVAL]       The shmaddr is not equal to zero, (shmflg & SHM_RND ) is false, and the value of shmaddr is an illegal address.

       [EMFILE]       The number of shared memory segments attached to the calling process would exceed the system imposed limit.

       The fails and does not detach the shared memory segment if:

       [EINVAL]       The shmaddr is not the data segment start address of a shared memory segment.

See Also
       execve(2), exit(2), fork(2), shmctl(2), shmget(2)


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