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Question X Windows Libraries Required

I tried to compile a code referencing XWindows Programming Functions, i found out that i have no XWindows Header files present. But XWindows is running on my System.Is the XWindows Development package different from the XWindows running on my system? if so, can you instruct me how to obtain and install XWindows development libraries on my Unix (NCR MPRAS).

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pacparser_parse_pac(3)					     Library Functions Manual					    pacparser_parse_pac(3)

pacparser_parse_pac - Parses pac file (deprecated, use pacparser_parse_pac_file instead) SYNOPSIS
#include <pacparser.h> int pacparser_parse_pac(const char *file); PARAMETERS
const char *file PAC file to parse. DESCRIPTION
Same as pacparser_parse_pac_file. Included only for backward compatibility. RETURNS
0 on failure and 1 on success. SEE ALSO
pacparser_version(3), pacparser_init(3), pacparser_parse_pac_file(3), pacparser_parse_pac_string(3), pacparser_find_proxy(3), pac- parser_just_find_proxy(3), pacparser_cleanup(3), pacparser_setmyip(3), pacparser_enable_microsoft_extensions(3) c2man pacparser.h 14 March 2011 pacparser_parse_pac(3)

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