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how to start a c++ exe on unix from windows.

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how to start a c++ exe on unix from windows.

I'm very new to c++ & unix programming. I have a c++ exe that runs on the unix box, but I am trying to write a c++ windows app that executes the program on unix. I have tried execv(), but it doesn't seem to work or I'm doing something wrong. Would really like to see examples if at all possible. I have not been able to find anything in my online searches yet.
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I'm confused. An exe meant for Windows cannot run under Unix. An exe meant for Windows cannot run on Unix.

Are you talking about remote execution or something?
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kicking off exe on unix from windows

Yes- I guess that would be remote execution. Let me try to clarify.
I have an exe on the unix box that I want to start from my pc. The executuable on the backend is a load simulating program(called Loadtest.exe) so I'll actually be starting multiple instances of it. There could be 1500 Loadtest processes running at once. I'm currently writing the win32 app in vc++ that will hopefully be able to do this. It will be some type of scheduler application that tells the loadtest.exe to start x number of processes every t minute.
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Boy. I'm surprised no one has answered this yet.Smilie

I've started down this project again. Anyone have any thoughts?

Let me describe again...

I have C++ program that runs on a back-end unix machine. We usually have a KSH that iterates and invokes several iterations of the program. (it's used to simulate load on the system). I'd like to replace the use of KSH scripts with an app running on a windows PC that could invoke the C++ program on the back-end unix system.
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Running unix exe from windows


It seems that you need a kind of software that enables you to login to unix from windows and execute any command there. Well I have seen the following options,

1. Procom plus.

2. Humming Bird Exceed, this software has a wonderful interface in which you provide login info and where your executable exists and then start it.
(Excellent candidate)

3. I do not know if you have any programming knowledge in Java, but one of my friends managed to write aprogram to help him in solving such problems.

Best regards,
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Use Putty's plink.exe which is basically an ssh client to run the server program through sshd.
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