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dbx error ("Executable contains object file compiled on ...")

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Data dbx error ("Executable contains object file compiled on ...")


We are trying to run dbx on a core file for which we have the original executable and libs, but not the source / object tree. We have recompiled the objects from the original source, but dbx complains that they were compiled at a different time, and refuses to read them:

Object file: <pathname>/server.o
compiled on: Mon Oct 4 13:50:43 2004
Executable contains object file compiled on: Sun Mar 28 10:19:30 2004
dbx: warning: Object file is not the same one that was linked into executable.
Skipping stabs. (see `help finding-files')

How can we force dbx to ignore the compiled-in date stamps and read the object files?

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caspar-typesetting(7)						  MISCELLANEOUS 					     caspar-typesetting(7)

      caspar-typesetting - Makefile snippets for common typesetting tasks

      In a Makefile, write

	include caspar/mk/


	include caspar/mk/


      The  caspar  and files are Makefile snippets for common typesetting tasks, like typesetting LaTeX (see [3]), DocBook XML,
      DocBook SGML (see [2]) and POD (see [1]) documents.  You just have to type make, instead of stuff  like  jade  -t  tex  -d  caspar/print.dsl
      /usr/share/sgml/declaration/xml.dcl foobar.dbx.

      In a directory where you maintain .dbx (Docbook XML) or .tex (LaTeX) files, do

	 $ echo include caspar/mk/ > Makefile

	 $ vi karenina.dbx
	 $ make karenina.view
	 $ make karenina.print

	 $ vi svejk.tex
	 $ make svejk.view
	 $ make svejk.print

	 $ make
	 $ make clean

      Other targets:, filename.pdf, filename.2ps, filename.html, filename.printbig, filename.dvi.

      Variables  you  might  like  to  set  in	your  Makefile:  XMLDCL (default is /usr/share/sgml/declaration/xml.dcl; if you're not on a Debian
      GNU/Linux system, you'll likely have to adjust this), HTML_DSL, PRINT_DSL.

      In a directory where you maintain .pod files, do

	 $ echo include caspar/mk/ > Makefile
	 $ vi lire.pod
	 $ perldoc ./lire.pod
	 $ make lire.pdf
	 $ make
	 $ less lire.overstrike-txt
	 $ make clean

      Other targets:, filename.html, filename.txt, ...  (Similar to the ones supplied by

      Some examples: Overriding the caspar-supplied DSSSL files: Create your own print.dls and html.dsl, in the same directory as your Docbook XML
      files. Your Makefile should read:

       PRINT_DSL = print.dsl
       HTML_DSL = html.dsl
       include caspar/mk/

      Overriding the standard html-to-text convertor:

       $ W3M=lynx make svejk.txt


      caspar/mk/, caspar/mk/

      tings: JADE_MAXERRORS. These variables can get adjusted in Makefile, as well as in the shell environment. Uses no environment variables.

      Joost van Baal-Ili

      caspar(7) [1] perlpod(1) about Perl's Plain Old Documentation format

      [2] DocBook: The Definitive Guide on,

      [3] The LaTeX Project Homepage on

      Some comments on advanced usage are in the files and itself.

  caspar-typesetting 20120508					      8 mai 2012					       caspar-typesetting(7)

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