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Old 06-08-2005
CMI Legacy

Is there anyone who still uses CMI to connect to the legacy system , my c applications do uses the binaries and libraries for using the CMI functionality but i do not have access to the original source code , and since this is a very old stuff , i just could not get any source to get to knwo the source , If anyone still have it or knows about it , I would like to the how the implementation of CMI_CONNECT is done .

Will be great to receive a reply from anyone of you
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net-snmp-config(1)						     Net-SNMP							net-snmp-config(1)

net-snmp-config - returns information about installed net-snmp libraries and binaries SYNOPSIS
net-snmp-config [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION
The net-snmp-config shell script is designed to retrieve the configuration information about the libraries and binaries dealing with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), built from the net-snmp source package. The information is particularily useful for applications that need to link against the SNMP libraries and hence must know about any other libraries that must be linked in as well. OPTIONS
--version displays the net-snmp version number --indent-options displays the indent options from the Coding Style --debug-tokens displays a example command line to search to source code for a list of available debug tokens SNMP Setup commands: --create-snmpv3-user [-ro] [-a authpass] [-x privpass] [-X DES|AES] [-A MD5|SHA] [username] These options produce the various compilation flags needed when building external SNMP applications: --base-cflags lists additional compilation flags needed for external applications (excludes -I. and extra developer warning flags, if any) --cflags lists additional compilation flags needed --libs lists libraries needed for building applications --agent-libs lists libraries needed for building subagents --netsnmp-libs lists netsnmp specific libraries --external-libs lists libraries needed by netsnmp libs --netsnmp-agent-libs lists netsnmp specific agent libraries --external-agent-libs lists libraries needed by netsnmp libs Automated subagent building (produces an OUTPUTNAME binary file): [This feature has not been extensively tested, use at your own risk.] --compile-subagent OUTPUTNAME [--norm] [--cflags flags] [--ldflags flags] mibmodule1.c [...]] --norm leave the generated .c file around to read. --cflags flags extra cflags to use (e.g. -I...). --ldflags flags extra ld flags to use (e.g. -L... -l...). Details on how the net-nsmp package was compiled: --configure-options Display original configure arguments --snmpd-module-list Display the modules compiled into the agent --prefix Display the installation prefix 4.2 Berkeley Distribution 16 Nov 2006 net-snmp-config(1)

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