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[Makefile]File + constant problem

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[Makefile]File + constant problem

Hi guys,
I am writing a Makefile with some strange features.
What I have is:
list of files *.efi
list of guids (guid is just a number)

one *.efi file is supposed to be used with one guid, so efi file and guid is a pair.

What I need is:
list of files *.fv

How to make *.fv file from *.efi file?
$(SOME_COMMAND)  efi_file -some_flags   # produces * file
$(ANOTHER_COMMAND) efi_xyz_file -some_flags guid # produces *.fv file

So $(SOME_COMMAND) and ($ANOTHER_COMMAND) must be done for each of *.efi - guid pair.


files = first.efi second.efi
guid = 544 123
#what must be done is:
$(SOME_COMMAND)  first.efi -some_flags   # produces file
$(ANOTHER_COMMAND) -some_flags 544 # prudces first.fv
$(SOME_COMMAND)  second.efi -some_flags   # produces file
$(ANOTHER_COMMAND) -some_flags 123 # produces second.fv

Do you have any concept how to prepare such a makefile? I tried with for loop but it's not designed to be used inside makefiles...
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Are you using Gnu make as that tool is very powerful and features loops...creating pipeline of complex commands etc. so check it out.

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