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error in running script in cron tab

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error in running script in cron tab

Hi I am running the following script in cron tab:
PHP Code:
$xmlfile=   file_get_contents('');
 * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
 * and open the template in the editor.
And I get the error "No input file specified."
however when I run it manually from the browser: downloadfile.php then it work just well.

What is responsible for the problem in the cron tab?

I mean it does work properly when I send request to the server from my browser, so why the problem during the corn tab?
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It is your problem. You don't have an explicit path, just a 'xmlfile.xml', for example.

Your PATH and all of the rest of your environment don't exist in cron unless you specifically ask for them. Create a new script, use it in crontab instead of your php script.
. .profile
cd /path/to/where/xmlfile/will/live
# run the existing script here

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