Running a Java program on Linux

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Running a Java program on Linux


I have a project directory in /home/researcher
I have in my project/src three packages:A (contains the main class), B and C and I have 2 jar-files file1.jar file2.jar files in the project/my-jars
In Class A I import other classes from the other packages
I compiled as follows: package per package
javac-classpath / home/researcher/file1.jar:/home/researcher/file2.jar:/home/ researcher/src *. java
-> It works (i have the. Class in each package)
I run as follows:
cd /home/researcher/project/src/A
java-cp / home/researcher/file1.jar:/home/researcher/file2.jar:/home/researcher /src Main
it does not work! have you any idea?

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Main
Please, how to export. class in packages and all in one. jar file so I can do java-jar project.jar?
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What is the value of your CLASSPATH environmental variable?
# 3  
I typed the following:

but it shows me nothing!
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Try it without the extra space.
# 5  
same it shows me nothing!
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