Problem with implementing the times() function in C (struct tms times return zero/negative values)

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Top Forums Programming Problem with implementing the times() function in C (struct tms times return zero/negative values)
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Problem with implementing the times() function in C (struct tms times return zero/negative values)


i'm trying to implement the times() function and i'm programming in C.
I'm using the "struct tms" structure which consists of the fields:

  • The tms_utime structure member is the CPU time charged for the execution of user instructions of the calling process.
  • The tms_stime structure member is the CPU time charged for execution by the system on behalf of the calling process.
  • The tms_cutime structure member is the sum of the tms_utime and tms_cutime times of the child processes.
  • The tms_cstime structure member is the sum of the tms_stime and tms_cstime times of the child processes.

In order to implement the times() function in my program, i do:

1. Before i fork and create a child, i call the times function (in the parent process).

2. I create a pipe and i pass the times of start structure to the pipe when i'm in the child process.
3. The child executes a simple "ls -l" command
4. When the child finishes he execution, the father calls for the second time the times() function.

Unfortunately, the times of end_tms are all zero!! Weird, but i don't know why...

Some things i don't understand in my program are:

1)In the first "printfs" the times of the struct start are negative..but why??
2) Also, when i run the program, i get zeros for times, but why??What am i doing wrong??

My program is as follows

Thanks, in advance

#include <sys/times.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>

int main() {


int     fd[2]; //two pointers
int nbytes;
char    string[] = "Hello, world!\n";
char    readbuffer[80];
struct tms start_tms;
struct tms end_tms;
clock_t start, end;
double cpu_time_used;


//once we have established the pipeline we fork the child
pid_t   childpid;
pid_t pid_waitpid;

//call times before fork()!!!

//they return negative values, but why???
printf("Test start_tms.tms_utime = %f\n\n",start_tms.tms_utime);
printf("Test start_tms.tms_cutime = %f\n\n",start_tms.tms_cutime);
printf("Test start_tms.tms_stime = %f\n\n",start_tms.tms_stime);

if((childpid = fork()) == -1)

if(childpid == 0)
                        /* Child process closes up input side of pipe */
                       /* call times function */ 

                        write(fd[1], &start_tms.tms_cutime, sizeof(clock_t));
                        write(fd[1], &start_tms.tms_utime, sizeof(clock_t));
                        write(fd[1], &start_tms.tms_stime, sizeof(clock_t));

                         //execute /bin/ls
                        execl("/bin/ls", "/bin/ls", "-r", "-t", "-l", (char *) 0);


                        /* Parent process closes up output side of pipe */
                        /*  wait for the child */
                         if( (pid_waitpid  = waitpid(childpid,NULL,0) ) == -1)

                        /* call times for capturing end times */

                        /* define t1, t2, variables */
                        clock_t t1,t2,t3;
                        read(fd[0], &t1, sizeof(clock_t));
                        read(fd[0], &t2, sizeof(clock_t));
                        read(fd[0], &t3, sizeof(clock_t));

                        printf("Test t1 = %f\n\n",t1);
                        printf("Test end_tms.tms_utime = %f\n\n",end_tms.tms_utime);
                        printf("Test end_tms.tms_cutime = %f\n\n",end_tms.tms_cutime);
                        printf("Test end_tms.tms_stime = %f\n\n",end_tms.tms_stime);
                        /* Calculate times, unfortunately return zero, but why??? */
                        double cpu_time = end_tms.tms_cutime - t1;
                        double utime = end_tms.tms_utime - t2;
                        double stime = end_tms.tms_stime - t3;

                        //Unfortunately printfs return zero, but why???
                        printf("cpu time %f\n\n",cpu_time);
                        printf("cpu Utime %f\n\n",utime);
                        printf("cpu Stime %f\n\n",stime);



and my output is as follows

Test start_tms.tms_utime = -0.000000 //negative??
Test start_tms.tms_cutime = -0.000000 //negative??
Test start_tms.tms_stime = -0.000000 //negative???
total 236
-rw-r--r-- 1 g_p g_p   71 Feb 23  2011 test.c
-rwx------ 1 g_p g_p   52 Mar 12  2011
-rwx------ 1 g_p g_p   81 Mar 12  2011
-rwx------ 1 g_p g_p   81 Mar 12  2011 notepad2
-rwx------ 1 g_p g_p  420 Mar 12  2011
-rwx------ 1 g_p g_p  319 Mar 12  2011
-rwx------ 1 g_p g_p  300 Mar 12  2011
-rwx------ 1 g_p g_p   98 Mar 12  2011
-rwx------ 1 g_p g_p   74 Mar 12  2011
-rw------- 1 g_p g_p 1167 Jun 16 12:50 d2.c
Received Time: 0.000000
Test t1 = 0.000000
Test end_tms.tms_utime = 0.000000
Test end_tms.tms_cutime = 0.000000
Test end_tms.tms_stime = 0.000000
cpu time 0.000000
cpu Utime 0.000000
cpu Stime 0.000000

# 2  
you are using wrong format for printing out the tms structure members, which are clock_t and you use %f
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