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glib detected: malloc() memory curruption

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Old 10-21-2011
glib detected: malloc() memory curruption

I am using libxml2 library for XMl parsing and libxml++ is C++ wrapper over that. So I am using API of libxml++. I am creating my class and composing instance xmlpp::Node *pNode in that. my class also have funciton prepareXPathQuery() which creates query string and have other fucntion fireXpathQuery which internallly calls pNode->find() function which returns sets of node which matches with fired query but when I fire query it gives error glib detected: malloc() memory curruption and prints backtrace.

/*implemntation of class */
#include "ConfigFileParser.hpp"
include "defines.hpp"
#include <libxml++/libxml++.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
class ConfigFileParser
std::string filePath;
xmlpp::DomParser parser;
xmlpp::Node *pNode;
char *query;
* Function Name : ConfigDataStructure
* @brief
* @param
* @return none
* @see
* Function Name : ~ConfigFileParser
* @brief destructor for class ConfigFileParser
* @param none
* @return none
* @see
* Function Name : prepareXpathQuery
* @brief prepere XPATH query to fire on XML file
* @param char *
* @param char *
* @param char *
* @param int depth=0
* @return void
* @see
void prepareXpathQuery(char *, char *, char *, int depth=0);
* Function Name : fireXpathQuery
* @brief It fires XPATH query on node
* @param node it's node on which query have to fire
* @return NodeSet it's the set of nodes foungd by query
* @see
xmlpp::NodeSet fireXpathQuery(xmlpp::Node *node = NULL);
filePath = XML_FILE_PATH;//XML file path is defined in defines.hpp
query = new char(MAX_QUERY_LENGTH);
pNode = parser.get_document()->get_root_node();
void ConfigFileParser::prepareXpathQuery(char *nodeName, char *attType, char *attName, int depth)
if(depth == 0)
xmlpp::NodeSet ConfigFileParser::fireXpathQuery(xmlpp::Node *node)
xmlpp::NodeSet set;
if(node != NULL)
set = node->find(query);
set = pNode->find(query);
return set;
int main()
int elementID;
int address;
char *text=NULL;
ConfigFileParser fileParser;
fileParser.prepareXpathQuery((char *)"Element", (char *)"type", (char *)"ModuleVoiceElem", 1);
xmlpp::NodeSet set = fileParser.fireXpathQuery();
xmlpp::Element *nodeElement = dynamic_cast<xmlpp::Element *>(*set.begin());
getBasicAttributes(elementID, address, text,nodeElement);

Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Please use code tags

when it run this program it gives error glib detected: malloc() memory curruption at highlighted line. Please help me. I dont know why this error comes.

Thanks in advance,
Sharad Wagh.

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Old 10-21-2011
Not using code tags has destroyed all your indentation and filled your code with smilies. Please see the video tutorial on how to do so.

---------- Post updated at 09:26 AM ---------- Previous update was at 09:15 AM ----------

Instead of dynamic_cast, why not use the actual type set.begin() returns? After all, it might not be valid in all circumstances, and casting a 'no results' return into a pointer of the kind you wanted would probably crash.
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Old 03-22-2012

even i faced the same problem in linux.adding -lmcheck while linking in my make file helped me in finding what the exact problem is and rectifying the problem.

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