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Old 09-25-2011
Error Programming help - Perl !

I am having a text file with

Vivek 50
Ram 34
Hulk 45
Vivek 23
Ram 23
Vivek 55

Now I need a perl script to display the fields of 1st column & the 2nd column with summation (& avoid the duplicates).

Vivek 128
Ram 57
hulk 45

Plz help me...
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Old 09-25-2011
Associative array is a convenience way to avoid duplicates.


%a = ();

while (<STDIN>)
    ($key, $value) = split("[\t ]", $_, 2);
    next if ($key eq '' || $value eq '');
    $a{$key} = 0 if (!defined($a{$key}));
    $a{$key} += $value;

foreach (keys(%a))
    print $_.' '.$a{$_}."\n";

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