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Old 08-03-2011
Question File transfer in C

Can anyone provide me with codes for file transfer server to client or vice versa?
Also please explain how to compile those programs in ubuntu terminal as i am totally new to socket programming.


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xferlog(5)							File Formats Manual							xferlog(5)

xferlog - FTP server logfile SYNOPSIS
The file contains logging information from the FTP server daemon, (see ftpd(1M)). This file is found in Each server entry is composed of a single line of the following form, with all fields being separated by spaces. current-time transfer-time remote-host file-size filename transfer-type special-action-flag direction access-mode username service-name authentication-method authenticated-user-id completion-status current-time The current local time in the form "DDD MMM dd hh:mm:ss YYYY". Where DDD is the day of the week, MMM is the month, dd is the day of the month, hh is the hour, mm is the minutes, ss is the seconds, and YYYY is the year. transfer-time The total time in seconds for the transfer. remote-host The remote host name. file-size The size of the transferred file in bytes. filename The name of the transferred file. transfer-type A single character indicating the type of transfer. Can be one of: for an ascii transfer for a binary transfer special-action-flag One or more single character flags indicating any special action taken. Can be one or more of: file was compressed file was uncompressed file was tar'ed no action was taken direction The direction of the transfer. Can be one of: outgoing incoming access-mode The method by which the user is logged in. Can be one of: (anonymous) is for an anonymous guest user. (guest) is for an passworded guest user (see the command in ftpaccess(4)). (real) is for a local authenticated user. username The local username, or if guest, the ID string given. service-name The name of the service being invoked, usually FTP. authentication-method The method of authentication used. Can be one of: none RFC931 Authentication authenticated-user-id The user id returned by the authentication method. A * is used if an authenticated user id is not available. completion-status This is a single character indicating the status of the transfer. It can be one of: complete transfer incomplete transfer FILES
AUTHOR was developed by the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. SEE ALSO
ftpd(1M), ftpaccess(4), syslog(3C). xferlog(5)