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Old 07-27-2011
Sybase load statement issue

I am trying to load a sybase table using a file ( unit separator is the delimiter) which is in IQ server.

I Used load statment as below

execute ('LOAD TABLE schemaname.tablename (' || ' name, age, date, Symbols) from ' || ' '' /filepath/file.txt '' ' || ' QUOTES off ' || ' DELIMITED BY ' || ' ''\x1F'' ' || 'ROW DELIMITED BY ' || ' ''\n'' ' || ' FORMAT ASCII NOTIFY 1 WITH CHECKPOINT ON STRIP ON ESCAPES OFF')

but this is throwing an error as
ASA Error -1013028: An invalid size (too large) was specified for a LOAD option

I could not track this error. Can someone please help with this?
or can some one throw light how to use hexadecimal values like /x1F during loading.

The hexadecimal usage of unit separator( ^_ ) as x1F is not allowed in sybase?
can hexadecimal values be used?Smilie

Thanks in advance

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