strftime() creates memory leak

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Old 06-17-2011
strftime() creates memory leak


I am facing one strange situation while using strftime() to get current date and time in C.

it leaks memory with %T
strftime(L_StrDate,30,"%d-%b-%C%y %T", localtime((time_t *)&tv.tv_sec)) ;

and when i use another option then no memory leak like
strftime(L_StrDate,30,"%d-%b-%C%y  %H:%M%S  -%p",localtime((time_t *)&tv.tv_sec));

my detail code to get time and date is like this -
char    *GetTimeDate(L_StrFormat,L_NoOfDay)
char    *L_StrFormat    ;
int     L_NoOfDay       ;
static  char L_StrDate[31]      ;
static  struct timeval tv       ;

        gettimeofday(&tv,(struct timezone *)NULL)               ;
        tv.tv_sec       = tv.tv_sec + L_NoOfDay*24*3600;
        if (strlen(L_StrFormat) == 0)
                strftime(L_StrDate,30,"%d-%b-%C%y %T",
                localtime((time_t *)&tv.tv_sec))                ;

                localtime((time_t *)&tv.tv_sec))                ;
        return(L_StrDate)                                       ;

any help will be appreciated.

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Old 06-17-2011
I get no problem - I ran the code with constantly differering arguments for 64000000 iterations. No leak.

What OS version, compiler version?

It is possibly a runtime issue. Code like strftime, printf, sprintf frequently malloc memory to be able to write formatted strings to a temporary string. Workaround: Instead of %T, see what happens with %H:%M:%S which is the same output as %T.
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Old 06-17-2011
Do you know what kind of memory it was leaking? stack, heap?
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Old 06-17-2011
Even more fundamental: how do you know it's leaking memory?
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