can i have an optimal solution for this java code ? Facing Java heap space problem even at 3GB heaps

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Top Forums Programming can i have an optimal solution for this java code ? Facing Java heap space problem even at 3GB heaps
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Old 04-11-2011
can i have an optimal solution for this java code ? Facing Java heap space problem even at 3GB heaps

My desired output is

for this  1
for this  2
for this  3
for this  4
for this  5

for this  1,2
for this  2,3
for this  3,4
for this  4,5

for this  1,2,3
for this  2,3,4
for this  3,4,5

for this  1,2,3,4
for this  2,3,4,5

for this  1,2,3,4,5

i had a program in java like this

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 * and open the template in the editor.
 * @author vaibhav
public class tmep {

    private static String str[] = {"1", "2", "3", "4", "5"};
    private static StringBuffer sbuf = new StringBuffer(50);

    public static void main(String args[]) {
        int count = str.length;
        // sbuf=sbuf.append(".");
        // str="123456789";
        for (int lim = 0; lim < count; lim++) //specifies the limit
            for (int start = 1; start <= (count - lim); start++) // gives the starting point
                for (int i = start; i <= lim + start; i++) //up to limit the words should be printed

                    sbuf = sbuf.append(str[i - 1]).append(",");
                    //System.out.print(str[i - 1] + ",");
                }//for loop 3

                sbuf.deleteCharAt(sbuf.length() - 1);// this will remove the , at last position
               System.out.println("for this  "+ sbuf);
                //the module for creating all episode rules

                // System.out.println("");
                sbuf.delete(0, sbuf.length());
            }//for loop 2

        }//for loop 1


    private static void generateEpiRules(StringBuffer sb) {
        String string;
        StringBuffer left=new StringBuffer ();
        StringBuffer right=new StringBuffer ();

        string = sb.toString();
        String st[] = string.split(",");
        for (int i = 1; i < st.length; i++)
            //System.out.print("LHS  ");
            for (int j = 0; j < i; j++)
                //System.out.print(st[j] + ",");
           // System.out.print(" RHS   ");

            for (int k = i; k < st.length; k++)
            // System.out.print(st[k] + ",");
            left.deleteCharAt(left.length() - 1);// this will remove the , at last position
            right.deleteCharAt(right.length() - 1);// this will remove the , at last position
            left.delete(0, left.length());
            right.delete(0, right.length());

but if i give a sting length of more size;
the system tends to use RAM too much and after some time an exception comes that java Heapspace out of memory

I increased the heap space to 3 GB also but of no use Smilie

Please tell me the optimal program for this
i'm stucked up Smilie

thanks in advance

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Old 04-11-2011
How long a string are we talking about?
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Old 04-12-2011
the input string can be in terms of some thousands e.g 4000
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