"cout = outFile" is not compiled

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"cout = outFile" is not compiled


Compilation of the line "cout = outFile" throws error
"Error:  std::ios_base::operator=(const std::ios_base&) is not accessible from  std::ios     ::operator=(const std::ios &)."

outFile is declared as "static ofstream".


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What are you trying to achieve? If you want to redirect cout into a file, this won't work this way.
But if so, this should be enough to help you Smilie
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This got compiled successfully using Sun 4.2 Compiler and the code is running also. Now with Sun 5.8 C++ compiler (SunStuio11) , there are restrictions..

I am trying to display the output in the console as shown below.

some thing like this ...
FILENAME bad_file;
static ofstream bad_log;

   bad_log.open(bad_file, ios::out);

    if (!bad_log)
        cout<<"Can't open bad file - "<<bad_file<<" for write!"<<endl;
        return FAIL;
    //Error:  std::ios_base::operator=(const std::ios_base&) is not accessible from  std::ios     ::operator=(const std::ios &).
    cerr = bad_log;

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iostream just uses the standard read/write/open/close functions at base, so you could try:

int fd=open("/path/to/file", O_WRONLY|O_CREAT);
dup2(fd, STDOUT_FILENO);

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