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how to insert and delete characters in the middle of file

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Old 10-11-2004
FILE *fp = 0;

const char *path = "/the/path";

fp = fopen(path, "r+");

if (fp)
/* move to the appropriate location using fseek() */
/* perforn necessary updates */
else fprintf(stderr, "Cannot open file %s\n", path);

if u specify the "r+" option the file is opened for update (both reading and writing). u can navigate within the file using the fseek() lib function. this technique allows u to overwrite existing characters located anywhere within a file. i 've used it and it works.

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curs_deleteln(3X)														 curs_deleteln(3X)

deleteln, wdeleteln, insdelln, winsdelln, insertln, winsertln - delete and insert lines in a curses window SYNOPSIS
#include <curses.h> int deleteln(void); int wdeleteln(WINDOW *win); int insdelln(int n); int winsdelln(WINDOW *win, int n); int insertln(void); int winsertln(WINDOW *win); DESCRIPTION
The deleteln and wdeleteln routines delete the line under the cursor in the window; all lines below the current line are moved up one line. The bottom line of the window is cleared. The cursor position does not change. The insdelln and winsdelln routines, for positive n, insert n lines into the specified window above the current line. The n bottom lines are lost. For negative n, delete n lines (starting with the one under the cursor), and move the remaining lines up. The bottom n lines are cleared. The current cursor position remains the same. The insertln and winsertln routines, insert a blank line above the current line and the bottom line is lost. RETURN VALUE
All routines return the integer ERR upon failure and an OK (SVr4 specifies only "an integer value other than ERR") upon successful comple- tion. PORTABILITY
These functions are described in the XSI Curses standard, Issue 4. The standard specifies that they return ERR on failure, but specifies no error conditions. NOTES
Note that all but winsdelln may be macros. These routines do not require a hardware line delete or insert feature in the terminal. In fact, they won't use hardware line delete/insert unless idlok(..., TRUE) has been set on the current window. SEE ALSO
curses(3X) curs_deleteln(3X)

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