AIX linker oddities...what is going on?

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Old 01-27-2011
Yep...thats what my comment about "rpath" was about...If I remember you need -blibpath as well...

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Use "dump -Hv" to check the settings once you have compiled - that will show where it searches for the lib. Also make sure you have no LIBPATH set when you compile, as that can make a different to where the linker finds the libs
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Old 01-27-2011
We'll see how that works.... I hate this linker, lol. Out of all the environments I've used, I think AIX is probably the worst. HP-UX probably was my favorite, and I originally hated Linux and thought it was really quirky, but AIX has made it look better, HA!
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Old 01-27-2011
I had to break a ton of habits moving to linux. In retrospect a lot of them were pretty bad habits. Smilie But I've never really had the opportunity to program on "big iron" like HP-UX or AIX, though I used a Sun system in college... what's the key differences you see as a programmer?
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Old 01-27-2011
My main job for the last 10 years or so is porting different low level security apps to UNIX platforms. AIX is almost always the "difficult" one. Everything is always implemented differently. I code around the native security databases (/etc/passwd, shadow, /etc/security, TCB, etc) and AIX is always the strange one. I do have to say though that HP-UX has its quirks, although it generally conforms. Linux is easy, cos you can find the code to everything, so you can code round stuff or at least find out how it works. And there are always lots of people that have tried stuff or implemented stuff and its all relatively up-to-date. I have to admit though that Solaris is my favourite...things just seem to work, and if they dont a quick O/S patch usually fixes it. That is until Solaris 10 where, although I love some of the additions, I hate the horrible SMF service stuff, and process contracts that can make life a pain.

Anyhew, on the linker front, that is why I suggested libtool. You *can* make build systems that build generically and you dont need to know this low level stuff.

But thats all my 2c worth...other people have different views on libtool.
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Old 01-27-2011
I'll check out libtool...but we've already fought to get some freeware tools installed and it was hard enough to win those battles...I'm not sure I want to fight another yet, lol.

As for Corona's Q: as far as developing goes, I've just felt that HP-UX has been the easiest to work with. Things just seem to compile and run well and as expected.

Jumping over to Linux I've been hit with times when an application just randomly seems to die and the core file is useless. We never had that in HP-UX, if it core'd we could use the core and figure out what happened. Plus, much of the code in Linux is the same as it was in HP-UX and the code ran more stable in HP-UX. Could it be our code...sure...but many of the times we have tracked down issues it was because Linux was just less tolerant or, worse, buggy itself and we had to code around its issues.

AIX is somewhere in between. It does seem pretty stable compared to Linux. However, sometimes intuition and AIX just don't go hand in hand. It is as if IBM went out of their way to do something just different enough to mess with you, lol -- like this weird linker crap, lol. While it is more stable...nothing else in it is better than Linux, IMO. They just run away with things like a Microsoft...trying to make it better than other people's stuff but getting in their own way when doing so.
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