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Evaluated variables in PHP

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Old 11-13-2010
Evaluated variables in PHP

I'm putting my club's membership database online.
I have a Member table in the database with fields such as FirstName, LastName etc. I have a web form with matching input variables Member_FirstName, Member_LastName that's going to be used for inserting a new member into the database, so I'll be populating an SQL statement such as
insert Member
(FirstName, LastName .... )
("$_POST['Member_FirstName']", "$_POST['Member_LastName']" ...)

My plan was to have a set of intermediate variables
$Member_FirstName = $_POST['Member_FirstName'];
$Member_LastName = $_POST['Member_LastName'];

so that I could have a pre built SQL statement that would simply substitute the intermediate variables.

OK - that's the background...now the question is, how do I generate the intermediate variables in a loop of column names.
So in pseudo code...
for each $col (select * from Member)
    $var = "Member_" . $col;                 ($var="MemberFirstName")
    ${$var} = $_POST[$var];                  Create the intermediate variable
                                                This is the problem line!

I've been trying to use 'eval()' but can't get the syntax correct, so any views on correct syntax or a better/alternative way to do this appreciated.

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Old 11-13-2010
eval is evil. You'd spend more code on trying to prevent security problems than anything else, and even then there'd probably be (more than) a few left.

Check the PHP Manual for Variable variables.
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Old 11-13-2010
Brilliant - thanks pludi. I thought I'd tried this previously and couldn't get it working, so eval was a clutch at straws. The description and example on the link were invaluable.

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