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Checking columns in SQL, comparing user input and sizes.

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Top Forums Programming Checking columns in SQL, comparing user input and sizes.
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Old 11-01-2010
Checking columns in SQL, comparing user input and sizes.

I'm writing a KSH shell script that's using SQL though DB2.

If I have a table defined and populated
db2 "create table tb(num int,letter char(4))"
db2 "insert into tb values(111,a)
db2 "insert into tb values(112,b)
db2 "insert into tb values(111,c)

How can I check if a letter user input in my shell script matches a particular number?
echo "enter ltr"
read ltr
db2 "select letter from tb where number = 111"
if [ltr =  ...   '* how do i check if the letter the user input is one of those that matches for 111?

Also, how can I figure out the biggest number value in the table and insert it into a variable in the shell script?

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DB2_STMT_ERROR(3)							 1							 DB2_STMT_ERROR(3)

db2_stmt_error - Returns a string containing the SQLSTATE returned by an SQL statement

string db2_stmt_error ([resource $stmt]) DESCRIPTION
Returns a string containing the SQLSTATE value returned by an SQL statement. If you do not pass a statement resource as an argument to db2_stmt_error(3), the driver returns the SQLSTATE value associated with the last attempt to return a statement resource, for example, from db2_prepare(3) or db2_exec(3). To learn what the SQLSTATE value means, you can issue the following command at a DB2 Command Line Processor prompt: db2 '? $sqlstate- value'. You can also call db2_stmt_errormsg(3) to retrieve an explicit error message and the associated SQLCODE value. PARAMETERS
o $stmt - A valid statement resource. RETURN VALUES
Returns a string containing an SQLSTATE value. SEE ALSO
db2_conn_error(3), db2_conn_errormsg(3), db2_stmt_errormsg(3). PHP Documentation Group DB2_STMT_ERROR(3)

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