How to simplify this perl script to a cleaner simpler look?

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How to simplify this perl script to a cleaner simpler look?

my $branch_email_e = $FORM{r_Branch};
my $hostbranch_email_e = $FORM{r_Host_Branch};

my $branch_email_f = $FORM{r_Direction_generale};
my $hostbranch_email_f = $FORM{r_Direction_generale_daccueil};

my $branch_realname_e = '';
my $branch_realname_f = '';

if (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Human Resources'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Finance'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Ministers Office'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Deputy Ministers Office'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Office of the Chief Risk Officer'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Acquisitions'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Real Property'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Consulting, Information, and Shared Services'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Accounting, Banking and Compensation'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Corporate Services, Policy and Communications'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Information Technology Services'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Audit and Evaluation'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Translation Bureau'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Atlantic Region'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Quebec Region'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Ontario Region'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Western Region'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Pacific Region'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Office of the Procurement Ombudsman'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Parliamentary Precinct'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Matane Site'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Shediac Site'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }
elsif (($branch_email_e eq '') or ($hostbranch_email_e eq '')) { $branch_realname_e = 'Departmental Oversight'; $FORM{'branch_in_emailsubject'} = $branch_realname_e; }

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would I use a loop or a case statement or something like that?
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I'd separate the data from the program, putting it in a big array. If you wanted to make it even more flexible you could read data into the array from a file.

my %hash=( 'Human Resources' => [ '', ''],
'Finance' => [ '', '' ]

my $val1='';
my $val2='';

foreach $name(keys %hash)
        my $arr=$hash{$name};
        if(($val1 eq $arr->[0]) || ($val1 eq $arr->[1]))
                printf("Val is %s\n", $name);

[edit] no, that doesn't work. One moment.
[re-edit] Ahah, you need "eq", not "==". I hate perl. It works now.

Last edited by Corona688; 10-14-2010 at 12:37 PM.. Reason: fixed the fix of the fixed fix. argh.
# 3  
thanks Corona688
It does seem to shorten and possible simplify, not all to familiar with hash arrays so will have to educate myself on how they work to better understand your solution.

thanks :-)
# 4  
read it again, I removed some junk I left in by accident.
# 5  
it actually is making more sense now, it's all slowly coming back (been a few years off of Perl and now am asked to go through this huge script and figure it out, clean it up and add more!)

thanks again
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