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Old 09-05-2010
Java Interpreter

Hello guys - do you have any sample program implementing UNIX commands in an interpreter with Java? I can look up the simple ones such "ls" etc and then write my own commands.

I would appreciate it.
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Old 09-05-2010
Weel I just did a web search for "implement ls in java" and cam back with a number of links such as
Remember Java - ls and dir.
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Old 09-06-2010

Hi - Thanks for the link. I made some research as well. Actually I implemented a program that works pretty good but some for some commands it is not properly working, perhaps not the right packages. I rather using APIs and packages instead writing each command seperately. Where I got stuck was the pipes, creating and removing files and zipping with gzip. Please let me know the best method if you;re aware. Appreciated.
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