Python: bash-shell-like less functionality in the python shell

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Python: bash-shell-like less functionality in the python shell


Is there some type of functional way to read things in the Python shell interpreter similar to less or more in the bash (and other) command line shells?

>>> import subprocess
>>> help(subprocess)
[pages of stuff to read]

I'm hoping so as I hate scrolling and love how less works with simple keystrokes for page-up/page-down/searching etc.

With thanks,
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DH_PYTHON(1)							     Debhelper							      DH_PYTHON(1)

dh_python - calculates Python dependencies and adds postinst and prerm Python scripts (deprecated) SYNOPSIS
dh_python [debhelperoptions] [-n] [-V version] [moduledirs...] DESCRIPTION
Note: This program is deprecated. You should use dh_python2 instead. This program will do nothing if debian/pycompat or a Python-Version control file field exists. dh_python is a debhelper program that is responsible for generating the ${python:Depends} substitutions and adding them to substvars files. It will also add a postinst and a prerm script if required. The program will look at Python scripts and modules in your package, and will use this information to generate a dependency on python, with the current major version, or on pythonX.Y if your scripts or modules need a specific python version. The dependency will be substituted into your package's control file wherever you place the token ${python:Depends}. If some modules need to be byte-compiled at install time, appropriate postinst and prerm scripts will be generated. If already byte- compiled modules are found, they are removed. If you use this program, your package should build-depend on python. OPTIONS
module dirs If your package installs Python modules in non-standard directories, you can make dh_python check those directories by passing their names on the command line. By default, it will check /usr/lib/site-python, /usr/lib/$PACKAGE, /usr/share/$PACKAGE, /usr/lib/games/$PACKAGE, /usr/share/games/$PACKAGE and /usr/lib/python?.?/site-packages. Note: only /usr/lib/site-python, /usr/lib/python?.?/site-packages and the extra names on the command line are searched for binary (.so) modules. -V version If the .py files your package ships are meant to be used by a specific pythonX.Y version, you can use this option to specify the desired version, such as 2.3. Do not use if you ship modules in /usr/lib/site-python. -n, --noscripts Do not modify postinst/prerm scripts. CONFORMS TO
Debian policy, version 3.5.7 Python policy, version 0.3.7 SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of debhelper. AUTHOR
Josselin Mouette <> most ideas stolen from Brendan O'Dea <> 9.20120909 2011-12-06 DH_PYTHON(1)

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