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Old 06-08-2010
system call

I have a cgi script which is called after certain time interval, which has this:

system ("ls -l /tmp/cgic* | grep -v \"cgicsave.env\" |  awk '{print $5}'");

During the execution of this script,the output is 0 sometimes. But due to this the system call is not working at all and doesnt o/p anything only last value.

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Old 06-08-2010
The output is zero? It really may have been; your script may be catching the file when it's been created, but before it's been written to.

As for only outputting the last value, I thought that was the whole point of you using {print $5}?
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Old 06-08-2010
For example my o/p is :


So, by "last value" I mean "7143723"

I have tried running *.cgi in the same folder, it works fine. But, as my Ajax reads the o/p, there is no data except this LAST VALUE.

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If I re-frame my question. If the system call returns 0 or error, how to make it still work so that it o/ps the other values
for example;
I have:

If for i=5 , the system call failed, then i want it to still work for other iterations of i.
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