Identifying and removing control characters in a file.

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Question Identifying and removing control characters in a file.

What is the best method to identify an remove control characters in a file. Would it be easier to do this in Unix or in C.
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help(1m)																  help(1m)

help - Displays a list of commands or the options of a specified command SYNOPSIS
rpccp help [rpccp-command] ARGUMENTS
Specifies one of the following control commands: DESCRIPTION
The help command displays information about the RPCCP command set or the options and argument associated with a specific command. NOTE
This command may be replaced in future releases by the dcecp command, and may no longer be supported at that time. EXAMPLES
The following command operates from the system prompt to display the internal commands of the control program: $ rpccp help The following commands start the control program and display the syntax of the remove entry command: $ rpccp rpccp> help remove entry RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: add element(1m), add entry(1m), add member(1m), export(1m), import(1m), remove element(1m), remove entry(1m), remove group(1m), remove mapping(1m), remove member(1m), remove profile(1m), rpccp(1m), show entry(1m), show group(1m), show mapping(1m), show profile(1m), show server(1m), unexport(1m) help(1m)

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