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printing ppid,child pid,pid

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Old 02-01-2004
Question printing ppid,child pid,pid

question: for the below program
i just printed the value for pid, child pid and parent pid
why does it give me 6 values? i assume ppid is 28086
but can't figure out why there are 5 values printed instead of just two!
can someone comment on that!

#define DIM 8
int main()
int pid, i, ans;
int arr[DIM] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8};

pid = fork();
the output is
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Old 02-01-2004
Remember what fork() does! Both parent and child each printed three lines.
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Old 02-02-2004
yeah it makes sense that both child and process will execute the 3 staments, giving 6 results.
is the output in order of child,child,child,parent,parent,parent
now can u correct me if i m wrong here

0 - is the return int value that is always passed to the child to the child
this one is executed by printf("%d\n",pid);

28873 - is the pid of the child which is contained in the parent
this also executed by printf("%d\n",getpid());

28872 - is the pid of the parent
it is executed by printf("%d\n",getppid());

now running for parent
28873 - is the pid of the child
it is executed by printf("%d\n",pid);

28872 - is the pid of the parent that makes the child here
it is executed by printf("%d\n",getpid());

28086 - is the pid of the shell running this program
it is executed by printf("%d\n",getppid());

arrrrrrrrghSmilie i am confuuuuuuuused!
Hope i got that right Smilie
Sorry i am slow and ask too many questionsSmilie

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Old 02-02-2004

actually i jus figured it out! thanks to you. you were a great help!

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