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Old 11-13-2003
Question printer status for print spooler: help

Hey people

I am currently working on a print spooler for unix over a network. I need help regarding the status of the printer. Is there any way to know when the printer has finished a previous job, so that the next job from the queue can be processed. Also is there any other way to print other than system("lp") or fprintf to the device file.I want to override the default lpr spooler.


Many thanks Smilie
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FOOMATIC-PRINTJOB(1)					      General Commands Manual					      FOOMATIC-PRINTJOB(1)

foomatic-printjob - manage printer jobs in a spooler-independent fashion SYNOPSIS
foomatic-printjob [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -o option1=value1 -o option2 ... ] [ -i ] [ file1 file2 ... ] foomatic-printjob -Q [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -i ] [ -a ] [ user1 user2 ... ] foomatic-printjob -R [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -i ] [ - | jobid1 jobid2 ... ] foomatic-printjob -C [ -s spooler ] [ -i ] command [ arguments ] foomatic-printjob -S [ -s spooler ] [ -i ] foomatic-printjob -h [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -i ] DESCRIPTION
foomatic-printjob provides a spooler-independent interface to creating and managing printer jobs and print queues. Note that the first argument changes the mode of the command, as it combines the functionality of several System V-style printing commands. OPTIONS -sspooler Explicit spooler type. -Pqueuename Any commands specified should apply to this queue instead of the default. -ooption=value Set option to value -ooption Set the switch option -#n Print n copies file1 file2 ... Files to be printed, when no file is given, standard input will be printed -Q Query the jobs in a queue. If a list of users is specified, only those users' jobs will be queried. -Q -a Query the jobs in all queues. If a list of users is specified, only those users' jobs will be queried. -R [ - | jobid1 jobid2 ... ] Remove a job from a queue. Using - will remove all jobs. -C command [ arguments ] Execute control commands for queue/job manipulation. The commands are the ones of the BSD "lpc" utility. Use the control command "help" to get a list of supported commands. Note: the amount of commands varies with the spooler, but the same commands given under different spoolers do the same thing. -i Interactive mode: You will be asked if foomatic-printjob is in doubt about something. Otherwise foomatic-printjob uses auto- detection or quits with an error. -S Save the chosen spooler as the default spooler -h Show this message or show a list of available options if a queue is specified SEE ALSO
foomatic-configure(1) and the documentation for your print spooler. AUTHOR
Manfred Wassmann <> and Chris Lawrence <> for the foomatic project using output from the associated binary. BUGS
This manpage still needs some editing. Foomatic Project 2001-01-06 FOOMATIC-PRINTJOB(1)

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