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Old 09-11-2009

I am trying to develop a c++ application which will communicate with client through SSL(Not https).We are using self-signed certificates.

I have installed openssl and boost library.
I have tried some boost sample code also and its working.
Boost C++ Libraries - doc/html/boost_asio/example/ssl/client.cpp

Other than this ,is there any easy/effective way to handle SSL communication (like apache for https or some api,wrapper over openssl),so that i don't need to worry much about SSL internals (handshake,encryption..,SSL version)

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I think could be usefull
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Old 09-15-2009
I haven't tried it out so far, but from general experience I dare to say that QSslSocket are probably pretty easy to handle.
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Old 09-17-2009
recently I wrote an application to use SSL using self signed certificates over TCP/IP. But this was C and OpenSSL library. If this helps you, let me know.
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