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Old 09-04-2009
Help with ncurses

Help with ncurses Hi,

I need some help with ncurses.I'm supposed to write a program in C to display date and time and also to input the username and password using C.I chose ncurses for my task and here I am.

 	#include <stdio.h>
#include <termios.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <curses.h>

#define PASS_LEN 25

int current_getch;
int doloop = 1;
static WINDOW *mainwnd;
static WINDOW *screen;
WINDOW *my_win;

int now_sec, now_min, now_hour, now_day, now_wday, now_month, now_year;
time_t now;
struct tm *now_tm;

  void screen_init(void)
   mainwnd = initscr();
   nodelay(mainwnd, TRUE);
   refresh(); // 1)
   screen = newwin(20, 45, 5, 5);
   box(screen, ACS_VLINE, ACS_HLINE);

  static void update_display(void)
    mvwprintw(screen,2,6,"%d:%d:%d",now_hour, now_min, now_sec);
    mvwprintw(screen,2,18,"%d-%d-%d", now_day, now_month, now_year);


  void maketime(void)
     // Get the current date/time
     now = time(NULL);
     now_tm = localtime(&now);
     now_sec = now_tm->tm_sec;
     now_min = now_tm->tm_min;
     now_hour = now_tm->tm_hour;
     now_day = now_tm->tm_mday;
     now_wday = now_tm->tm_wday;
     now_month = now_tm->tm_mon + 1;
     now_year = now_tm->tm_year + 1900;


  void screen_end(void)

  int main(void)
    char user[256];
    char password[PASS_LEN];
    char *corr_password="letmein";
    int i=0;

       if(current_getch == 69)




      printf("program ended successfully\n");
      return 0;

However I am having a few queries regarding this.\

The getstr() works perfectly in a different program...but in this program it doesnt work...

Any help

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Old 09-04-2009
What's the problem?

It's not waiting to read the input.
Have you keyed in extra "\n", if that is the case getstr will consider that to be an input and proceed with that.

In short, getstr is a series of getch() calls until there is a newline
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